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Some history about the export of police equipment products

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In the past, the export of police equipment products needed to consider political factors .

WASHINGTON, July 19 ,1974.The—Nixon Administration bowed to Congressional pressure and issued regulations today to disco'urage American companies’ from selling sophisticated law enforcement equipment at a Moscow trade fair next month.

The effect of the new rules, industry and Government sources:said makes it extremely unlikely that any American comparty would exhibit or try to sell its products to Soviet authorit.ies.

Commerce Secretary Frederick B. Dent announced that specific licenses would be required for the sale to the Soviet Union and other Communist countries of “any instruments and equipment particularly useful in crime control and detection.”

In a statement, Mr. Dent said that the new rules were being imposed under the provisions of the Export Administration Act, which allows such moves for “foreign policy” considerations.

But now, regardless of politics, the production and export of police equipment products can be carried out freely.

Note:This news comes from the New York Times



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